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Cat No. Title Composer Price
W2000/PA Capriccio Brillante (piano) £9.50 Details
F1071/PA Iona (piano) £9.50 Details
F1110/PA Silver Threads Amongst the Gold (piano) £9.50 Details
W0170/PA Weber's Last Waltz E♭ (piano) £9.50 Details
W0211/PA Alice Where Art Thou (piano) £9.50 Details
W0214/PA Ash Grove E♭ version (piano) £9.50 Details
W0215/PA Buy a Broom (piano) £9.50 Details
W0216/PA Carnival of Venice E♭ (piano) £9.50 Details
W0217/PA Hardy Norseman (piano) £9.50 Details
W0218/PA Jenny Jones E♭ (piano) £9.50 Details
W0219/PA Jenny Jones E♭ (piano) £9.50 Details
W0220/PA O Lovely Night E♭ (piano) £9.50 Details
W0222/PA Santa Lucia (piano) £9.50 Details
F1422/PA September Fantasy (piano) £9.50 Details
W0224/PA Silver Threads Among the Gold E♭ (piano) £9.50 Details
W0225/PA Skelter (piano) £9.50 Details
W0226/PA Spirit so Fair/Tempest of Heart
(Famous Slow Marches) (piano)
£9.50 Details
W0227/PA Zenobia (piano) £9.50 Details
W6417/PA Elegy and Episodes (piano) £11.00 Details
W0233/PA Slow Melodies E♭ Tenor Horn (piano) £11.00 Details
W6289/PA Fugitive (for E♭ Tenor Horn Solo) (piano) £11.00 Details
W0233 Slow Melodies (E♭ Tenor Horn) £13.00 Details