Wright & Round
Music Publishers

Delivery to EU Member State Customers

Wright and Round have temporarily stopped shipping music to EU Member State Countries with the exception of Ireland and The Netherlands

Our music is still available through a range of EU dealers;


Musikverlag Abel


Crescendo Music

Lemca P.V.B.A


Editions Bim


Grahl & Nicklas

Hal Leonard MGB Distribution

HeBu Musikverlag GmbH

Martin Schmid Blechblasernoten


I.K Gottfried


Ulid Music

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and Handling is based upon the weight of the items ordered. Multiple items are based on the combined weight of the order. UK orders are sent using Royal Mail for small items and Royal Mail Parcels for larger or more expensive items. Overseas orders are shipped using Tracked Royal Mail.  All orders to Ireland and The Netherlands are sent via DPD local.  All import taxes are the responsibilty of the purchaser.

Delivery Schedule

We will normally send your order to you within 3 business days.

You must inform us within two working days if the goods are lost or damaged in transit so that we can make a prompt claim against the delivery company and correct the problem. Please quote your order number in all correspondence.

You agree that proof of delivery supplied by our delivery company is sufficient evidence to establish that goods have been received.

Back Orders

If your item is not in print, we will back order for you. You will always be emailed with the option to cancel your order if you would rather not wait.

Returns Policy

Your rights to return goods are protected under the EU Distance Selling Directive.

We do not supply music on a sale or return basis. To enable customers to ascertain the suitability of the music we have attached a PDF of parts and score for most of our current list (see the applicable web page).

Apart from this service we DO NOT accept music for credit or exchange unless faulty or supplied in error.

None of these terms affect your legal rights and these are not diminished in any way. If any term is held to be invalid under any applicable statute or rule of law, that term is automatically omitted from the terms to minimum extent necessary to comply with the law and without affecting the validity or enforceability of the remainder.

Our delivery rates


United Kingdom

0.1 kg£2.16
0.25 kg£2.79
0.5 kg£3.13
0.75 kg£4.29
1 kg£4.29
2 kg£6.09
5 kg£7.79
10 kg£7.79
20 kg£11.89

Europe Zone 3

Norway, Switzerland

0.1 kg£13.25
0.25 kg£13.25
0.5 kg£15.00
0.75 kg£15.95
1 kg£16.70
1.25 kg£17.55
1.5 kg£18.45
1.75 kg£19.20
2 kg£19.20
2.25 kg£20.75
2.5 kg£22.30
2.75 kg£23.55
3 kg£25.10
3.25 kg£26.65
3.5 kg£28.20
3.75 kg£29.75
4 kg£31.30
4.25 kg£32.85
4.5 kg£34.40
4.75 kg£35.95
5 kg£37.50

World Zone 1

Canada, Chile, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa, Taiwan

0.1 kg£15.25
0.25 kg£15.25
0.5 kg£19.70
0.75 kg£22.40
1 kg£25.30
1.25 kg£27.45
1.5 kg£29.00
1.75 kg£30.20
2 kg£30.20
2.25 kg£32.30
2.5 kg£34.40
2.75 kg£36.50
3 kg£38.60
3.25 kg£40.70
3.5 kg£42.80
3.75 kg£44.90
4 kg£47.00
4.25 kg£49.10
4.5 kg£51.20
4.75 kg£53.30
5 kg£55.60

World Zone 2

Australia, New Zealand, Singapore

0.1 kg£16.70
0.25 kg£16.70
0.5 kg£21.80
0.75 kg£24.85
1 kg£28.10
1.25 kg£31.20
1.5 kg£33.95
1.75 kg£34.80
2 kg£34.80
2.25 kg£38.40
2.5 kg£41.00
2.75 kg£43.60
3 kg£46.20
3.25 kg£48.80
3.5 kg£51.40
3.75 kg£54.00
4 kg£56.60
4.25 kg£59.20
4.5 kg£61.80
4.75 kg£64.40
5 kg£67.00

World Zone 3

United States

0.1 kg£17.20
0.25 kg£17.20
0.5 kg£21.85
0.75 kg£24.70
1 kg£27.65
1.25 kg£31.85
1.5 kg£31.85
1.75 kg£31.85
2 kg£31.85
2.25 kg£34.70
2.5 kg£37.55
2.75 kg£40.40
3 kg£43.25
3.25 kg£46.10
3.5 kg£50.95
3.75 kg£53.80
4 kg£56.65
4.25 kg£59.50
4.5 kg£62.35
4.75 kg£65.20
5 kg£68.05



0.1 kg£12.36
0.25 kg£12.36
0.5 kg£12.36
0.75 kg£12.36
1 kg£12.36
1.25 kg£12.36
1.75 kg£12.36
2 kg£12.36
2.25 kg£12.36
2.5 kg£12.36
2.75 kg£12.36
3 kg£12.36
3.25 kg£12.36
3.5 kg£12.36
3.75 kg£12.36
4 kg£12.36
4.25 kg£12.36
4.5 kg£12.36
4.75 kg£12.36
5 kg£12.36

The Netherlands


0.1 kg£17.39
0.25 kg£17.39
0.75 kg£17.39
1 kg£17.39
2 kg£17.39
3 kg£17.39
4 kg£17.39
5 kg£17.39