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Cat No. Title Composer Price
F1071 Iona £22.00 Details
F1110 Silver Threads Amongst the Gold £22.00 Details
F1212 The Highlander £22.00 Details
F1410 La Golondrina £16.50 Details
F1422 September Fantasy £27.50 Details
F1422/S September Fantasy (score) £14.50 Details
W0212 Annie Laurie and Rocked in the Cradle £22.00 Details
W0213 Ariel (Fantasia) £22.00 Details
W0221 Rondo Horn Concerto No. 4 £27.50 Details
W0221/S Rondo Horn Concerto No. 4 (score) £14.50 Details
W0223 Saxhorn Polka £22.00 Details
W0225 Skelter £22.00 Details
W0225/S Skelter (score) £14.50 Details
W0419 Your Song (Horn Solo) £27.50 Details
W0419/S Your Song (Horn Solo) (score) £14.50 Details
W2000 Capriccio Brillante £27.50 Details
W2000/S Capriccio Brillante (score) £14.50 Details
W6114 Old Folks at Home £27.50 Details
W6114/S Old Folks at Home (score) £14.50 Details
W6134 Ticket to Ride £27.50 Details
W6134/S Ticket to Ride (score) £14.50 Details
W6289 Fugitive £33.00 Details
W6289/S Fugitive (score) £20.00 Details
W6411 Romance £35.00 Details
W6411/S Romance (score) £17.50 Details