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Cat No. Title Composer Price
F0163 Eventide (Air Varie) £16.00 Details
F0408 The Alpine Rose (Fantasia) £26.50 Details
F0600 Sandon (Air Varie) £16.00 Details
F0604 Annie Laurie £26.50 Details
F0709 Click Clack £26.50 Details
F0942 The Nightingale £26.50 Details
F1001 The Paragon £26.50 Details
F1076 The Caledonian £26.50 Details
F1214 Trixie £26.50 Details
F1269 Starlight £26.50 Details
F1285 Carnival of Venice £26.50 Details
F1300 Plaisir d'Amour £26.50 Details
F1413 The Flying Scot £26.50 Details
F1417 The One Note Bugler (Trumpeter) £33.00 Details
W0137 Bravura £26.50 Details
W0138 Fleur de Lis £26.50 Details
W0139 Hailstorm £26.50 Details
W0140 Kim £26.50 Details
W0140/S Kim (score) £13.00 Details
W0141 Mermaid's Song £26.50 Details
W0142 The Miniature £26.50 Details
W0143 My Old Kentucky Home £26.50 Details
W0144 My Pretty Jane £26.50 Details
W0145 Nuns Chorus £26.50 Details
W0146 Robin Adair £26.50 Details
W0148 Scenes that are Brightest £26.50 Details
W0150 Wiederkehr £26.50 Details
W0152 Les Zephyrs £26.50 Details
W0158 Drink to me only £40.00 Details
W0202 Where E'er You Walk £26.50 Details
W0232 Gilbert and Sullivan Melodies £13.00 Details
W0236 Four Celebrated Melodies £13.00 Details
W0237 Three Famous Songs £13.00 Details
W0404 O Divine Redeemer £26.50 Details
W0405 Old Folks at Home £26.50 Details
W4501 Hazy Jim's Blues £33.00 Details
W4501/S Hazy Jim's Blues (score) £17.50 Details
W6104 Zig Zag £33.00 Details
W6104/S Zig Zag (score) £17.50 Details
W6105 Appassionata £33.00 Details
W6105/S Appassionata (score) £17.50 Details
W6150 I Will Always Love You £33.00 Details
W6150/S I Will Always Love You (score) £17.50 Details
W6152 My Ain Folk £33.00 Details
W6152/S My Ain Folk (score) £17.50 Details
W6166 Adagio £33.00 Details
W6166/S Adagio (score) £17.50 Details
W6268 Waterlilies £33.00 Details
W6268/S Waterlillies (score) £17.50 Details
W6375 Fuego! £40.00 Details
W6375/S Fuego! (score) £20.00 Details
W6389 Tanguero! £35.00 Details
W6389/S Tanguero! (score) £17.50 Details
W6402 Mr. Bojangles £35.00 Details
W6402/S Mr. Bojangles (score) £17.50 Details
W6406 How Great Thou Art £35.00 Details
W6406/S How Great Thou Art (score) £17.50 Details