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Philip Harper became Musical Director of the Cory Band in 2012. Within 18 months he had steered it back to the Number One World Rank by winning three of the four major titles in the brass band calendar: the National, the European, and Brass in Concert (with a runner-up prize in the other, the British Open!) as well as receiving media awards for the band's CD recordings, and plaudits for the concert tour of Australia. Philip won the coveted Conductor of the Year Award for 2013, voted for by 10,000 readers of the website 4barsrest.com. With previous bands, Tongwynlais Temperance Band and Flowers Band, he achieved unprecedented contest success, as well as winning acclaim for his entertaining concert performances.

A resident of Gloucester, Philip was the Editor of Brass Band World magazine between 2009 and 2015 and, since 2005 has been the Music Editor of the historic Wright and Round publishing company. He is also in demand as a freelance conductor, educator and adjudicator with bands of all levels in many countries, and in September 2015 made his debut with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Brass at the Cadogan Hall in London.

Philip is a prolific composer and his original works and arrangements are played all over the world. In 2012 he composed Journey for the 650 musicians of the Gloucester Music Service Massed Ensemble, conducting the first performance in a packed Royal Albert Hall at the Last Night of the Schools Prom. You can find out more detail and listen to audio excerpts of Philip's music at www.philipharper.co.uk.


En route to this point in his life, Philip graduated from the University of Bristol in 1994 before going on to take a Masters Degree in Composition and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education. He had a successful performing career and was the principal tenor horn of the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain and the Sun Life Band in Bristol, as well as winning through to the Brass Final of the BBC Young Musician of the Year in 1991. Between 1996 and 1998 he lived in Japan and was a guest soloist with most of the 'British-style' brass bands with whom he still keeps a close connection, visiting annually.

Cat No. Title Composer Price
SANTHEMS Anthems and Occasions
(complete set with score)
£296.50 Details
SANTHEMSA4 Anthems and Occasions A4 Format
(complete set with score)
£359.00 Details
W6188 Festival March £33.00 Details
W6188/S Festival March (score) £17.50 Details
W6196 Tribute £33.00 Details
W6196/S Tribute (score) £17.50 Details
W6210 Century £50.00 Details
W6210/S Century (score) £25.00 Details
W6231 Beneath the Willows (She Wept for Me) £33.00 Details
W6231/S Beneath the Willows (She Wept for Me) (score) £17.50 Details
W6255 Elan £38.50 Details
W6255/S Elan (score) £20.00 Details
W6292 A Celebration of Youth £50.00 Details
W6292/S A Celebration of Youth (score) £25.00 Details
W6294 The Gloucestershire Wassail £33.00 Details
W6294/S The Gloucestershire Wassail (score) £17.50 Details
W6296 A Celtic Promise £40.00 Details
W6296/S A Celtic Promise (score) £20.00 Details
W6299 Queen Isabel's Prayer £33.00 Details
W6299/S Queen Isabel's Prayer (score) £17.50 Details
W6305 Salsa Pa' Gozar £40.00 Details
W6305/S Salza Pa' Gozar (score) £20.00 Details
W6308 A Gallimaufry Suite £60.50 Details
W6308/S A Gallimaufry Suite (score) £31.00 Details
W6309 Salsa Tres' Prado £33.00 Details
W6309/S Salsa Tres' Prado (score) £17.50 Details
W6315 Beyond the Tamar £137.50 Details
W6315/S Beyond the Tamar (score) £70.00 Details
W6324 Lionheart £40.00 Details
W6324/S Lionheart (score) £20.00 Details
W6325 A Hebridean Lullaby (Baritone Solo) £33.00 Details
W6325/S A Hebridean Lullaby (Baritone Solo) (score) £20.00 Details
W6325/PA A Hebridean Lullaby (piano) £11.00 Details
W6327 The Snow Carol £44.00 Details
W6327/S The Snow Carol (score) £22.00 Details
W6330 In Love For Me £33.00 Details
W6330/S In Love For Me (score) £17.50 Details
W6335 Indian Daybreak £33.00 Details
W6335/S Indian Daybreak (score) £17.50 Details
W6336 Blue Sleeve Step £40.00 Details
W6336/S Blue Sleeve Step (score) £20.00 Details
W6337 Magee's Patrol £40.00 Details
W6337/S Magee's Patrol (score) £20.00 Details
W6340 Glenn Miller Christmas £40.00 Details
W6340/S Glenn Miller Christmas (score) £20.00 Details
W6341 The Witch of the Westmerlands £35.00 Details
W6341/S The Witch of the Westmerlands (score) £18.00 Details
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