Wright & Round
Music Publishers
Cat No. W6308/S

A Gallimaufry Suite (score)


I – Fanfare & Theme
II – Song
III – Hymn
IV – Toccata & Finale

A Gallimaufry Suite consists of four movements, all thematically independent. The first movement consists of a sparkling Fanfare followed by a stately Theme which ends quietly. The second movement is a Children’s Song; quirky but cute, and the Hymn which follows is a study in calm and tranquillity, featuring a quartet-group of cornet, baritone, trombone and euphonium. The last movement is a virtuosic Toccata which eventually begins to recall the other themes of the suite before a grand reprise of the first movement Theme brings the work to a dazzling conclusion.

Approximate duration: 11 minutes

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