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Rimmer, D

Cat No. Title Composer Price
A0767 The Vagabond £38.50 Details
A0807 Kings of the Air (march) £22.00 Details
A0827 From the North £38.50 Details
A0829 Imperial £22.00 Details
A0840 Introduction and Fugue £38.50 Details
A0847 O Cymru £38.50 Details
A0848 La Ballerina £27.50 Details
A0850 Cardenden £22.00 Details
A0856 Memories of Ireland £38.50 Details
A0869 Earls Court £22.00 Details
A0870 Formidable £22.00 Details
A0873 Via Stellaris £38.50 Details
A0874 This Island Home £27.50 Details
A0879 Venus and Adonis £27.50 Details
A1018 National Rhapsody No. 1 £27.50 Details
F1228 The Harvester £22.00 Details
F1246 Spirit of Progress £49.50 Details
F1246/S Spirit of Progress (score) £25.50 Details
F1269 Starlight £22.00 Details
F1269/PA Starlight (piano) £7.00 Details
F1277 Homage to Pharoah £49.50 Details
F1277/S Homage to Pharoah (score) £25.50 Details
F1295 The Unknown Warrior £49.50 Details
F1295/S The Unknown Warrior (score) £25.50 Details
F1307 Othello £49.50 Details
F1307/S Othello (score) £25.50 Details
F1309 Tyrolean Scenes (Fantasia) £49.50 Details
F1309/S Tyrolean Scenes (Fantasia) (score) £25.50 Details
F1311 Pegasus £22.00 Details
F1311/PA Pegasus (piano) £7.00 Details
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