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William Rimmer (1861/2–1936) was a Lancashire composer and conductor of brass band music who was particularly well known for his marches. Rimmer was born in Southport in 1861 or 1862 into a musical family. His father was bandmaster of the Lancashire Volunteer Rifles and encouraged both Rimmer and his brother Robert in their musical studies. At the age of 15 he joined the Southport Rifle band as a side-drummer and then moved onto the cornet, eventually becoming the band's principal cornet soloist. As a young man he made himself into one of the finest cornet players in the country under the eye of Alexander Owen at Besses o' th' Barn Band. His prowess on the instrument became well known, and he was engaged as a soloist by many of the best bands of the day. He eventually gave up playing to concentrate on training and conducting bands, and at the height of his fame conducted every winning band at both the Crystal Palace and Belle Vue competitions between 1905 and 1909.

Cat No. Title Composer Price
A0019 Berlioz £38.50 Details
A0051 Carmen £27.50 Details
A0088 Bizet £38.50 Details
A0092 Beethoven's Works £38.50 Details
A0190 Haydn £38.50 Details
A0229 La Sonnambula £22.00 Details
A0246 Lieberstraum/Pierette £27.50 Details
A0249 L'Etoile Du Nord £38.50 Details
A0287 Mendelssohn's Works £38.50 Details
A0390 Sandon (hymn) £22.00 Details
A0396 Norma (selection) £27.50 Details
A0408 Lucrezia Borgia £27.50 Details
A0409 I Puritani £27.50 Details
A0412 Christmas Music No. 1 £27.50 Details
A0426 Dead March In Saul £22.00 Details
A0428 L'Elisir D'Amore £27.50 Details
A0432 The Death of Nelson £22.00 Details
A0485 La Favorita £27.50 Details
A0557 Siege of Rochelle £38.50 Details
A0565 Fra Diavolo (selection) £27.50 Details
A0844 Fantasia and Fugue £38.50 Details
A0902 Recollections of Bellini £27.50 Details
A0907 Recollections of Donizetti £27.50 Details
A0908 Recollections of Rossini £27.50 Details
A0909 Recollections of Auber £27.50 Details
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