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Cat No. Title Composer Price
A0212 I Capuletti £27.50 Details
A0213 I Due Foscari £27.50 Details
A0214 Il Pirata £27.50 Details
A0215 Jack in the Box £27.50 Details
A0216 The Jolly Robbers £38.50 Details
A0217 The Joy of Youth £27.50 Details
A0218 Jubilant £22.00 Details
A0219 Jessonda £27.50 Details
A0220 Joan of Arc £38.50 Details
A0222 Keel Row £27.50 Details
A0223 Knights of Old £22.00 Details
A0224 La Reine De Saba £27.50 Details
A0225 La Traviata £27.50 Details
A0226 The Lumberjack £22.00 Details
A0227 Lucia Di Lammermoor £27.50 Details
A0228 Lurline £27.50 Details
A0229 La Sonnambula £22.00 Details
A0230 Luisa Miller £27.50 Details
A0231 Love and Duty £22.00 Details
A0232 La Coquette £27.50 Details
A0233 Le Roi D'Yvetot £27.50 Details
A0234 Lady Caprice £27.50 Details
A0235 Le Bal Masque £27.50 Details
A0236 La Belle France £27.50 Details
A0237 Lortzing £38.50 Details
A0238 La Vivandiere £27.50 Details
A0240 La Fete Champetre £27.50 Details
A0241 La Chiquita £22.00 Details
A0242 La Charmeuse £27.50 Details
A0243 Love in a Mist £22.00 Details
A0244 Lest We Forget £22.00 Details
A0245 Left! Right! £22.00 Details
A0246 Lieberstraum/Pierette £27.50 Details
A0248 La Regina Di Golconda £27.50 Details
A0249 L'Etoile Du Nord £38.50 Details
A0250 L'Ebreo £27.50 Details
A0251 L'Africaine £38.50 Details
A0252 Le Prophete £27.50 Details
A0253 Lieder Ohne Worte £27.50 Details
A0254 Merry Men £22.00 Details
A0255 Melodies of Long Ago £27.50 Details
A0256 Men of Harlech (march) £22.00 Details
A0257 Mountain Chief £27.50 Details
A0258 Moonlight (valse) £27.50 Details
A0259 The Monastery Bells £27.50 Details
A0260 The Mock Doctor £27.50 Details
A0261 Minstrel Memories £27.50 Details
A0262 Mignon £27.50 Details
A0263 Merry Wives of Windsor £27.50 Details
A0264 Merry Hearts £22.00 Details
Found: 1641 items