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Greenwood, JA


John A. Greenwood (1876-1953) was a protégé of William Rimmer and to a degree his career followed the same pattern: playing in a local band (he came from Cheshire), then principal cornet with major bands; and finally conductor and tutor to ensembles like St Hilda's, Black Dyke and Horwich RMI. His compositions and arrangements were much fewer than Rimmer's, but his memory is kept green by that popular trombone solo The Acrobat whose second quick section makes use of the device of pushing out the slide of the instrument to its fullest extent. This is still played frequently.

Cat No. Title Composer Price
A0217 The Joy of Youth £27.50 Details
A0223 Knights of Old £22.00 Details
A0255 Melodies of Long Ago £27.50 Details
A0257 Mountain Chief £27.50 Details
A0259 The Monastery Bells £27.50 Details
A0266 Mercury £27.50 Details
A0272 May Day £27.50 Details
A0274 Moments with Wagner £22.00 Details
A0290 Open Road £22.00 Details
A0292 The New Age £27.50 Details
A0301 Olympia (march) £22.00 Details
A0310 Over the Hills £27.50 Details
A0433 The Tiger £22.00 Details
A0437 Dorothy £22.00 Details
A0439 The Weaver £22.00 Details
A0447 The Amateur £22.00 Details
A0448 The Prairie Flower £27.50 Details
A0450 Winifred £22.00 Details
A0460 Number Two £22.00 Details
A0466 The Cornet King £22.00 Details
A0471 The Skipper £22.00 Details
A0480 The Silver Star £27.50 Details
A0482 Vanity Fair (lancers) £27.50 Details
A0484 The Gipsy Queen £27.50 Details
A0486 The Golden Sceptre £27.50 Details
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